Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Turnaround is fair play

I just think it is funny how Apple and Microsoft have changed places.

In the 90's and early 2000's one of the arguments used against Apple was that there were not as many software titles available to Apple computers are there were to Microsoft Windows computers.  The hardware was comparable, though Apple would try to debunk the "numbers game" (GHz, MB, etc.) saying they were not the whole picture.  At the same time critics would point out how there are many more software titles for Microsoft Windows than for Apple's Mac. Apple's response was one of "quality" over "quantity", asking "how many word processors do you use?" and that one good quality program is all you need.

Now about 10+ years later, turnaround is fair play.

Microsoft is the new and smaller player in the mobile market largely dominated and more recently shared with Apple (and Google).  Guess what one of the arguments being used against the Windows Phone?

The (smaller) number of apps available. Wow, deja vu!

Apple countered that argument by making a whole new niche (smartphones) before there were any competitors.  Wonder how Microsoft is going to try and handle this?