Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Don't you hate it when you are working on a presentation for a couple of weeks (days actually) and the computer you have the files in decides to crap-the-bed?

I have a Linux Special Interest Group meeting tonight and the subject I am going to cover is Digital Photography. I was going to go over F-Spot and digiKam for sorting, editing  and organizing pictures before moving on to using Gimp and possibly Krita.

I have my notes, as well as selected pictures on the hard drive. This morning I tried to boot it up quickly so I could copy the notes ( writer, saved as a MS Word doc file) and go over them during lunch at work.

So I booted it up, put in the encryption passphrase and took a shower.

The HAL daemon is dying. It gets stuck on that.  The hard drive "clicks" make a rhytmic 4-5 clicks and the repeats... over and over and over...!

Normally it would be "LiveCD to the rescue!" except that the hard drive is encrypted so  I *should* not be able to get the files off of it (otherwise the encryption is worth nothing)!

Luckily I have other avenues for the meeting, just without notes and hoping the pictures are available on my USB (otherwise I'll have to find the link to the Flickr album I got them from and download them again).

It always seems to happen at the last minute! Argh!

(looks like I'll be taking Fedora 9 off this hard drive and replace it with something else. Experiment done.)