Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm a "featured user"

This site,, is very interesting to read as it does not relate to Open Source as a technology, but instead the whole philosophy or concept and how it relates to organizations, businesses, government and life!

Anyway, I got ticked seeing one of my comments as the "FEATURED USER COMMENT"

The site itself is fascinating, and frequented by some very intelligent and insightful people. I feel as though I have to take time, think and carefully comment instead of a usual haphazard slap-on comment like so many other places.

It is a Red Hat community service, but I haven't found any reference or comment to any particular Linux distro (pro or con). The closest I find is a generic "Linux" when use for illustration or comparing against the way Windows or Apple does things.

I look forward to following this site and reading the articles. I think it would be great if people would look past the initial thoughts on open source the technology, and see how the philosophy can pertain to their everyday organization's life.